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I've left the suzuki crowd...

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I've outgrown my GS450, and I found an '82 Yamaha Seca 750 for a price I couldn't turn down. Can't be too choosy when you're a broke college student who needs a bike for transportation. Does anyone know of a good yamaha forum? This forum frikkin rules, and I really hope I can come back to it. Anyone know of a yamaha place as good as this? Thanks all
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Pinhy said:
THats usually the bottom line, and I remember being a broke college student myself.
Kraft Dinner and hamberger.. I really miss those days :wink: I had some of the best times in college, Sleeping in class, Being late, waking up after a party and not having a clue where the hell you are and who/what was beside me when I woke up. Lucky only had to chew my arm off once :roll:
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