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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and i did a quick search but couldn't find anything about jetting the quad tbs from a gsxr 750. I am wondering what kit i should buy for this.

Here is a little bit about my projector i am doing. I am not a Suzuki GSXR owner. But i am a Suzuki Swift GTi owner (yes.. it's a car not i bike i know :lol: ). I am currently building a motor from the ground up. I plan on using the quad tbs to control airflow while retaining the GTis fuel injection system with only upgrading the injectors to 390ccs. After i install the stand alone computer i will run the second bank of injectors off the TB after a certian RPM range (3500rpm?). I have recently purchased quite a bit of parts to complete this project. Oh i forgot to mention i also have a small Garrett GT25 dual ball bearing turbo with ceramic impeller... Yup you heard right.. i am turboing a quad TB system. :) something that is common among you bike guys but as far as i know, no suzuki swift gti owner has done this setup (i am an active memeber on That's why i joined this forum for help with jetting the quad TB system.

I am a suzuki enthusist, as much as the next guy on this forum.

Thanks for help.

Long Live Suzuki!


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Jetting? Jets are usually in a carb, and not in the throttle body. Can you clarify for a dummy?
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