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K&N Air filter question

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I just bought what is supposed to be a k&n air filter on ebay and when i got it i looked it over and im pretty sure its a stock air filter in a k&n box :x Can anyone describe to me what a k&n is supposed to look like? Does it actually say k&n on it somewhere? The one i got has the suzuki symbol and has the number 20F0 and it also has sae pa6 stamped on it......... Its for a 2000 Sv650 if that helps
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A K&N air filter looks like this:

Mine came sealed in a plastic bag (with K&N logos all over it), as well as some stickers to put on the bike (to tell the mechanics that it's a K&N filter, and they shouldn't throw it away at the next service). The filter is somewhat oily, since it uses oil to capture the dust.
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