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K&N for my '88 Gixxer 750

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OK, this might be a silly question, but I think I'm alotted a couple as a noobie, right? :lol:

Anyway, I was thinking of replacing the stock airbox & filter with the twin K&N's. Has anyone done this, and found it a worthwhile mod?

Sorry I don't have pics of my bike online yet, but probably this weekend, since I'll have all my fairings repaired & can test fit them before painting 8)

Oh, and by the way - thanx in advance for the advice! :wink:
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Anytime you can get your engine to "breathe" better, it will increase power output. Most older bikes can benefit from a air filter upgrade (just as any car). Hope this helps.

Have you changed the exhaust?
Cool, it looks like I was preaching to the choir. :D

The jetting should keep it from "popping". 8)
That popping sound (kinda a mini backfire) is from the fuel to air ratio being too lean. Only replacing the muffler (on a bike or car) reduces the backpressure. The engine breathes out better. When you allow the engine more air in, via a performance air filter, the engine breathes in better. Now, you've got more air, but less fuel. Hence it being too lean (air/gas mixture for combustion.) Get it remapped or jet it to put more fuel when the engine needs it.

Just the basics. Tried not to be too technical.
Nice set-up Nut. That special edition GSX-R looks real sweet. I wonder what they'll cost.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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