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K4 Seat Unit on K2

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Hello people, I'm new to this place and would ask that you be gentle :biker:

Just wondering if anyone has tried or actually has put a GSXR600 K4 seat unit on a K2 and if so, is it a major headache or staight forward fit?

It's just I really want an undertray with 3 Leds for rear light but it is designed for newer unit!

Any help/advice would be much appreciated
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RowdyRed94 said:
Ok, but "k" means one thousand in math and physics. Is this another example of fad language with no real logic behind it? Like NOS meaning nitrous oxide?

Sorry. Thread hijacked.
K2 is the official Suzuki designation for a 2002 bike ... my bike, for example is a GSX 1400 K3.
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