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I have a 98 katana 600. It's ran great for the past year however just 2 days ago I brought it out for a spin and was unable to start it. It will turn over just fine and once in a great while it actually will sputter into a start for about 5-10 seconds then shuts off and will not even sputter until the next day. Of course the process repeats that same starting issue now. About a week ago I fired it up no problems and just let it run for about 5 min. Wasn't able to take it out but it was started and running fine. Now the first day this started happening it would backfire during this struggle to start, wreaked of gas too. But it only smelled like gas and backfired the first day this started... Now it won't so much as move any exhaust through the pipe or start. I checked the air filter for fuel saturation and cleaned all the spark plugs as well. The carbs were cleaned about 9 months ago, and I also checked the rubber gaskets for holes, leaks or cracks on the CV carbs. Can anyone direct me what I am missing? I use choke to start... I DO NOT THROTTLE IT while starting it... And I wasn't able to fire it up with starter fluid either. I'm new to this particular bike but not new to riding. I am lost and want to see if anyone may know of something I am overlooking before I bring it in to the mechanic. Please help? Thanks for reading
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