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katana exhaust

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ok im looking at exhuasts for my 05 katana 600 i ran across this scorpian exhaust that claims you dont have to jet your bike to put it on. is this possible or just a load of **** to get you to buy it
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That it a slip on pipe, or a full exhaust? With a slip-on, there's usually no need to rejet.
Since it's a slip-on, they're most likely telling the truth....there's no need to rejet. A slip-on usually involves removing the four bolts holding the stock pipe on and the one bolt around the clamp, putting the new pipe in its place and bolting it back down. As far as price, I really can't say if it's a good deal or not because I don't know. They only way you could really find out is to comparison shop. Check out,, and JC Whitney's motorcycle section (
I think he's referring to a full exhaust. You'd definitely need to rejet for that (or remap for fuel injection), but there isn't significant gain or loss from a slip-on pipe to really worry about.
Did you test it on a dyno to get those results?
Oh ok. I've used three different slip-ons and never needed to rejet or remap. Maybe it's a difference in the pipes.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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