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Hello. I recently purchased a '99 Katana 600, as my first street bike. The fork are slightly tweaked, with little to no compression. So I am searching for a good salvaged set. I found and bought a set from a '96 model, only to find out that the brake mount is different. The yard refunded my money so I am still looking. The suzuki dealership told me the forks are different for every year, so I guess I need ones specifically from a '99 katana 600?

That seems odd to me that no other models or years would share the same fork/brake set up. I am hoping some one here has been in this position before or knows something I don't that will help me out. I only gave $1700 for the bike so I am trying to keep this on a budget by reusing my brakes etc. I am hoping to make this into an upgrade rather than a retrograde. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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