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So I am selling my Kawasaki 1982 LTD 550 for like $400 with the intent of being talked down in price. But I honestly really don't want to sell it. I just wanted to kinda get an idea from experienced riders if it's worth fixing or selling it and... negotiating with the wife to get a newer bike down the road lol. I don't know anything about working on bikes.

It it ran great last summer, smoked some, but it did well and it's got some muscle. But it developed a steady stream of oil leaking from the bottom from an actual tube. I opened it up under the seat and the bowl where the air filter sits had oil filled in it like it was a over flow or something. The clutch cable broke which I hear is easy to fix. The throttle stopped working. And now it won't even turn on after not turning it on all summer.

So so with all these problems do you guys think it's even worth attempting to put money into?
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