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Kenny Jr. artwork

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Just another one of my artworks. I know he did'nt do so well this year,but I think that bike is just beautiful. Hope you like it.

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Freakinout said:
Very good bro. there is beauty reguardless of winning.
Hey thanks, I agree. I really like the looks of the cube and the proton bike, just don't see much of them on tv. Thanks again
SDSUsnowboards said:
Hey that's really nice, can you post a higher rez scan?
I can only offer one critique really, and it might not even be one. It seems the bike cuts off in the oddest way by the "R" on the right side of the bike (left side of the picture) but it might just be an odd angle that I havn't seen before.
Not sure I'm seeing what you're seeing? I think I have a better quality shot on my web site. check it out and let me know if it's better. Thanks for the observation. I do appreciate any input. Thanks
Hey, really glad you like my stuff. I appreciate it. I've been doing charcoal stuff for years. Only recently have I gotten into the color pencil stuff. I have a work that is supposed to be in the next issue of sportrider the mag. as a giveaway. Thanks again
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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