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Ladies & Gentlemen.... She is home :)

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Approx. 2 hours ago, I became the proud owner of a Suzuki C50 black.
The approx. 10 mile ride home in midday traffic was not bad at all.
I enjoyed the ride very much, and there were a few glances of admiration
on the street.
Im still grinning.
I'll try to put up some pics soon (hopefully later this afternoon).
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trappercase said:
About time. Congrats...go put some miles on HER.
I probably would wait till tomorrow. There is rain in the forecast, and
I dont want to test my newbie skills when its wet.
Maybe I'll get her out again after tomorrow morning's rush hour.
I'm about to move it into the garage, as the dark clouds are looming,
and I dont want the birds to sh!t on it (need bike cover).
Actually, I was off today.
My cousin called my earlier this afternoon for me to look at her computer.
So I took the chance to ride the bike, as it didn't seem like the rain was going to fall.
I got to her house around 6pm, but she didn't get home as yet.
Soooo, I went and took a bit of a joy ride around the general Ft. Lauderdale area. It was a great ride, learning more & more about the bike.
I have a slight problem doing turns (especially right) from a stop.
Need to practise that.
I got back to my cousins about 7pm, and left around 10pm.
By now its dark, and cool, and the ride was sweet. :)
Looking forward for more...
Pics of the bike and me trying to contain a grin...
Gixxerdale said:
Nice bike trini0! Good choice! Are you sure you like it? :mrgreen:

Now the hard part comes! Controlling yourself and going to work instead of going riding! :twisted:
Im sure I like it. I spent quite a bit of time researching before deciding on this bike.
It was the best choice, and Im sticking by it. :D
As far as work & riding. My plan is to ride to work...
Gixxerdale said:
trini0 It goes like this;

"Ride to Work, Work to Ride"
trappercase said:
TriniO , you stole my sig. Bugger. ;) You keep it buddy , I'll find some new words of wisdom.
Well I went out for another ride today.
I wasn't keeping track of the miles, but I was gone for
a little over 2 hours. :)
For the next few days, I have to do some parking lot work.
At the most inappropriate times (when there is traffic behind me),
I tend to stall the bike doing turns, and a few times going straight.
One time, as I was about to turn, it stalled.
Thank God, I have some strength in me, as I was able to keep her upright.
Today was a little cooler than yesterday, but I was still sweating in the JR jacket.
When Im moving its great, but at those lights :thumbsdo:
Well thats it for day 2.
Im taking the cage to work this evening. Hopefully I'll get some more practise
again tomorrow...
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SuzukiGirl1 said:
Nice!! I do really like the looks of those! :)
Nexus242 said:
Look your gonna have to leave this board, I already filled the quota for black males, so you got to go.

I thought you knew.
You probably didn't get the memo...
But there was an addendum to the rule book ;)
mr_resistible said:
Yeah I need to work on my parking lot skills too, I have a hard time judging distance if I am parking next to other bikes.
Slow maneuver practise seem to be in order for us both.
Well I went out for another ride today, and once again it was good :)
On the way back home, the fuel light came on.
I was suprised by that, as the bike only has a little over 100 miles on it.
When I filled the tank, it took 2.7 gallons to reach the bottom of the filler tube.
When I got the bike, I could have sworn that the tank was full.
I thought I should have gotten closer to 200 miles on the bike, but I'll see
on the next few tanks as to how it measures up.
Also, on the way home, near my house, is a 90 degree left turn,
so I decided to try some lean in the turn.
I managed to scrape the boards a little.
I wasn't expecting it, so I eased out of the lean, and ran up on some grass (thank god).
But that was today's adventure, looking forward to tomorrow's...
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So I took another ride today, to go show the bike to the "stealer" about
the turn signal housing.
The ride was nice, but it was a bit hot in the jacket (I need to get a full mesh jacket for these kinds of rides).
There were some more admiring & compliments on the bike.
On the way home, I got the "biker wave".
So now its time to clean/rearrange the garage :roll: .
Maybe if Im not tired later, I'll maybe go down to the beach and cruise it...
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