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Landry, You're Busted! ;-)

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8th post down...

And now...

5th post down...


(J/K Mark... We all love you. Just thought this was funny when I stumbled upon it.)
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And if you dig around hard enough from posts over 6 months ago, you'll see a full 6 page confession from Landry syaing such things like : He sells drugs, hates babies, likes Britteny Spears' music and has pissed in the pool no more than twice.
I don't know 007. That kind of made me aware of how proud I am not to be gay. We should have a "we are not gay" forum parade! Because... you know.... we are proud of it and stuff.
How the hell did a thread with the topic of "busting laundry" turn into a topic of.... wait. How the hell did this thread actually stay on topic for a whole page. It should have been hijacked by now...
Landry you're slacking today :wink:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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