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Hi, I was just out for a short ride last week. I was giving my little girl a ride and she said "Go Fast Daddy". She is 7 years old so I didn't want to do anything dangerous. I slowed way down and re accelerated, not too harsh, sort of like passing a cop. I went up to about 70mph. I started to smell smoke. I looked in the mirror and couldn't belive it, I was blowing smoke from the top muffler, rear cylinder, like I was fogging mosquitoes. I was about 20 miles from home so I didn't want to stop, with my girl and all. After about 10 miles of 55mph or so it quit smoking. I had to check it out a bit so I got on it in 5th from 30 to 70mph. It didn't smoke. I slowed down and started out as I did before and it started to smike real bad again. By the time I got home it was stopping smoking again.

The smoke is blue and smells like oil smoke.

It runs well. It starts well, It has good power.

It can sit without building up a load, it will start without smoking.

It is a 1999 LC 1500.

It has only about 4000 miles on it. (it is really just about new)

Any body got any Ideas? I am just sick over this.

I live in North Dakota so my riding season is just about over. I was hoping I could afford to get it fixed over winter.

Thank You!!

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In addition to posting here I would also suggest you make a post on:

You can log in as a guest but I recommend going ahead and registering... you'll be glad ya did.

Go the the Problems and Solutions section and post the same thing you posted here. I would bet that within the hour you'll have viable suggestions... certainly within the day. Between these two forums I have never had a problem go unsolved.

I hope this helps,
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