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LED Lighting For A Volusia

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Has anyone out there put LED lights on their Vol. I've been on the Internet for the past 2 weeks and haven't been able to get what will work exactly for the Vol. The site boogylights has a great deal; 6 step lights, wires and control switch plus 1 extra light for Internet orders for $115.00. The only thing is the step lights won't mount under the Vol gas tank correctly. The lip isn't big enough. They suggest building the surface up with multiple layers of 2 sided tape. Sooner or later the lights are bound to come off. Yesterday at a bike night I saw a Harley with the flexible lights by Kuryakyn which looked great but the price was $300.00!! I've read posts before by others who go to auto stores and buy the LED components independently with wiring and a control switch and light their bike for $40.00. If anyone has any information as to the name of the store, part numbers for the lights, wires, switch, ect., I certainly would appreciate it. Thanks to all that reply.
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