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License Plate Bracket

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I'm looking for suggestions and/links for a license plate bracket. It's for my friend, and she has a 2002 Yamaha R6. It's got a euro tail with integrated signals, and the guy that previously owned it literally just bent the top 1-inch edge of his license place and attached the bent edge flush to the underside of the tail. :shock:

We've been trying to find just a simple bracket that does NOT include the signals (meaning no fender eliminator kits), that simply will allow her to extend the plate straight down from the tail (like the dude's before, BUT without having to bend the license plate). The euro's won't pass Maryland inspection, but we've found some shops that will make exceptions. However, they definitely won't without a proper license bracket.

I have found a couple that, even though they have the hardware for the signals, would look "ok" without them. But even those are running close to $100. She's really not trying to pay that much for a piece of metal. :roll:

Any suggestions???

P.S. She doesn't like the swing arm/side mounts either. 8)

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YES!!!! :D

Thanks, Soad! I actually looked on the L.P. website, but must have missed them. I've seen others, but the prices are OUTRAGEOUS! :x

Mission accomplished - "Oooh-Rah" :wink:

(FYI - The EX was Marine too... love the Corps, baby! :wink: )
Thanks for the suggestions - both of you. :) I speak only for myself when I say this, but my friend is pretty much the same - we want everything to look nice, neat, and pretty :mrgreen: :lol: The bike has to maintain a certain "flow", if you know what I mean. She would have absolutely NO problem getting any old piece of metal, as long as it looked decent. However, she's also not willing to check out the local junk yards. The used parts shops were a no-go. Let's keep in mind that neither she nor I can throw something together :? I wouldn't even know where to start! :shock: LOL!

I WISH you were in our area, Nut! :cry: We'd have a few things we'd be willing to pay you to make :bows:
TL & Jaydog!!!! :shm: :shm: :shm:

Gutter-heads! :shock:

I am so thankful that Nut did not twist my words around for any connotations other than what I meant! :lol:

In case anyone else got the wrong idea, or can't get their minds out of the gutter either - I was referring to his skills as a "Mr. Fix it" for BIKES!!! :oops: :roll:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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