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lokking to ride with some bikers in MA

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hey everyone, I just signed up here and have my first bike finally, a 2004 suzuki gsx-r600 and I love that machine, love the quick throttle, looking for bikers in MA to ride with if any intrested. Just wanna say hi to everyone and hope to join in and talk abuot bikes as much as everyone else is involved
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welcome Ben and Boosta!

you guys should get together and do some riding and picture taking for us. Ever get over to the Bashbish falls area? (southwest of great barrington). we used to camp in taconic area of NY and go over to bashbish once every year to climb up the trail and swim in the COLD water. they outlawed the swimming in the mid-80's though. nice hills over there though.

ha...funny you mention that. i remember as a kid my dad calling it bishbash...then i saw a sign and said "dad, you are saying it backwards" so we started saying it right!

i used to love jumping off the cliff at the top into that big round hole of water. i was only about 8 then too.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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