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Long Trip Coming Up - Advice?

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I am riding out to Ohio solo in 2 weeks. Its about a 650 mile ride each way.

I'm hoping for nice weather but I have some good rain gear ready just in case. Anyone have any advice on things I should make sure I have or other things to make the ride more enjoyable?

Thanks in advance!
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DragonGold said:
Well, I made not without some problems......[snippage]
My guess is I did close to 1000 miles in a 22 hour timeframe, most of which was in 50 deg F temps, raining, in jeans and a sweatshirt....
DG, real glad you made it with no permanent damage (other than the loss of the gear). Anyone who would steal your tank bag off your bike would probably steal a kid's dog, too.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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