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Looking for good VENTILATED helmet

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Anyone have any suggestions about a good, full-face VENTILATED helmet. I live in Florida, so it is super hot most of the time, so looking for something with GREAT ventilation. Right now I have one that is "supposedly" ventilated, but it is hot as hell in there. Also have a 3/4 helmet with face shield that I wear, but would feel safer with a full face. Thanks for any help!

Kathy G
Orlando FL
Suzuki GZ250, Suzuki Savage 650
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My brother got one of the new Scorpion helmets at a BMW rally recently - he raves about its ventilation. I'm replacing my old Arai Signet, and my daughter's old HJC (both past the MSF statut of limitations), and ordered two of them, an EXO-700 for me, and an EXO-400 for her. So, I'll let you know. It's still very warm - and very humid - here, so I should get a chance to ride it in heat and see how it ventilates.

I couldn't find any of these helmets within 100 miles, so I ordered by phone. I usually like to try them on, but I know I'm a medium, and my brother's got the same shape of head as me, so I think it'll work out great. Can't beat the price, I've got two nice helmets for a lot less than one Arai. The rep told me the 700 series has a larger chin vent. It also is the only style that comes in white - and since I'm a "good guy", I want it in white! :wink:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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