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Looking to buy 96' Honda Magna 750. What to look out for?

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Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on a purchase of a 1996 Honda Magna 750. It's a buddy's bike, he has owned it for like 10 years. However, it's been sitting in storage for the last 4. He really loved this bike and it was well taken care of, loads of accessories( i.e. cobra exhaust, kuryakyn everything)and only 11,000 miles. Really the bike is cosmetically flawless, but it did develop a radiator crack and he parked it. Then he had some medical issues and never got around to fixing the bike and riding again. Long story short I finally convinced him to sell the bike to me for a steal. My concerns, it's been sitting for 4 years! I'm pretty handy when it comes to mechanics (I completely rebuilt my VL800's motor) but, I honestly know very little about this bike and it's engine. I'm willing to take on this project to get the bike back on the road like it belongs, but was hoping someone here would be able to give me a heads up on what to look out for or what to expect. I already know the carb's are going to need to be completely torn apart and cleaned. Then there is also that radiator issue.
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Welcome to the forum.
My advice is:
Don't assume anything and don't make this harder than it really IS.

Take the plugs out and make sure the engine turns over easily.
If it does, put a teaspoon or so of oil in each cylinder; MMO is good for this.
Turn it over a few rev's to distribute the oil.

Drain old gas and oil and put in new. Put carb cleaner in the gas and then drain the float bowls a few times.
Let it sit overnight.
Put a good battery in it and see if it will start. A can of ether can help here.

It is possible that it will run without taking ANYTHING apart.

If it runs, fix the radiator.
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