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lots of backfire and hard shifting.

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I have a 1994 Intruder 1400. It has Cobra straight pipes and jets which were put on by last owner. It sounds great and pull very strong and gets about 45 mpg.

But it pops or backfires a lot. Not sure which Pops or backfires: What is the difference? How can you tell by the sound?
This happens mostly as I slow down. In top gear (4th), it happens a lot when I slow form high speeds (70 mph) but will do it at other times too.

Not sure if this is normal for a bike with these mods. It does sound like are a Harley. 8)

The other thing is the shifting. It is very loud. Just seams like it might be hurting some cogs. It is more so into 2nd and 1st from higher mphs. I am not engaging the clutch, just shifting to find what gear I am in.

Oh, 1 more question...
The rear shocks needs to be adjusted. The last owner must have them on very stiff. It is very hard over bumps and jars my jaw!
Which direction do I twist the adjusters on the shocks?
Do the twist in different directions? Left and right shocks?
How many levels of adjustments are there?

Thanks everyone in advance... :D :D :D
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Change the oil, preferably to synthetic for the shifting and are you using high octane gas ? Is so switch back to regular and the backfires will go away.
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