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Love my Marauder

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I bought my 2000 Marauder at the end of 99. I have only put about 8,500 miles on it but I absolutely love it. I ride it every chance I get. Its the first motorcycle I have ever had and I was 33 when I bought it. It rides and runs perfectly. I have never had a problem with it and don't expect any. I service it every three thousand miles and wash it endlessly. I think its a very sharp bike and it does'nt bother me if Suzuki discontinues it because that will only make it a classic sooner. I'm not ever going to part with it. I may eventually have another bike to go with it, but I don't think I could ever bear to be without it. Its bulletproof and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. I put an engine guard, cobra drag pipes and a nice windshield and Marauder studded saddlebags on it. It is coooool. :twisted:
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I Love My Wife's Marauder

I love my wife's Marauder. I bought a used 2001 Marauder for her last month. She won't complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course until The second weekend in January. Since my new Boulevard S50 in the shop for a custom paint job I've been riding her Marauder to keep the battery charged and to prevent rusting. :roll: I've put about 1700 miles on it this month! :mrgreen:
TexasJay said:

Would that be a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket?
No. Never went to GT; lived in Georgia for about six years though. My member name comes from my ride, a 2005 Boulevard S50 (Intruder). I'm getting it painted yellow and black with that yellow jacket cartoon on the tank.

I'll post pictures when it comes back from paint.
Pinhy said:
pics of your S50 after the paint job will be appreciated!

pics of your wife would ALSO be appreciated!! haha
Yes. I'll post pictures of my new bike after paint and my wife and her Marauder if she'll let me! :mrgreen:
S50 ...Rebadged 800 Intruder

TexasJay said:

How do you like the S50? Have you had a chance to ride it yet? I went into the dealership to buy an S50 back in October and they still had a new 2004 Intruder VS 800 there. I liked it a lot and saved almost $1,000 off the S50's price.

I like the S50. My next bike (years from now) will probably be an S50 or an S83. The custom paint on yours sounds great.
I've put about 600 miles on the S50 and I love it. I don't see much difference between the Vs800 Intruder and the S50. The S50 has drag bars, a one-piece dual seat, no sissy bar, and different badging. The mechanicals are all the same. That's why I was willing to buy a bike, which represents a "Brand New" design. It Isn't! The S50 is simply a rebadged 800 Intruder. Arguably, the most reliable modern V-twin available!:)
tlwisner said:
You gotta ride what you like, not what some magazine rider tells you to like! But the Intruder isn't discontinued - just renamed. The Marauder was discontinued.

If you want fast, with an Intruder you got fast. You'll smoke *most* cruisers of any size and certainly any cruiser in the same price range.
Actually the Marauder still lives as the M50, now with shaft drive, and the M95, actually a rebadged Kaw 1600 Mean Streak. :)
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