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I'm new to the forum and am loving going through the Boulevard threads. I'm an old guy in my mid sixties who rode dirt bikes and enduros (Yamaha DT 1) a long time ago, but like a lot of us, got away from riding while raising a family and all that goes with that. Anyway stopped by a dealership about 10 years ago while still recovering from a knee replacement and fell in love with a beautiful two tone red and white C50T. It was a great bike and I loved it but had a tough time keeping up with my buddies on road trips but wanted to stay with the Boulevards. Found a 2013 BOSS C90 and man I really have loved it. Keep the oil and air filters changed, plugs once and several sets of tires and all has been well. Have ridden from KC to Copper Harbor MI at the top of the UP, the west Texas hill country (twisted sisters), up and down the Pig Trail in Arkansas and all over the Missouri Ozarks, scrapping the floor boards often, but keeping up with my friends FJR and BMW R1200 RT and loving it. Yes, my black pipes have flacked a lot of the original paint, but we just say it adds to the personality and shows it's a bike that's ridden. Keep saying that I'm going to take them off and get them powder coated someday. Getting close to 40k since I bought it and don't regret it for a minute! Keep the commentary coming, love to read your experiances and suggustions for the issues that have come up. Be Safe!
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