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Lower Seat for Katana 600

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Hi y'all !

I'm looking to get a katana 600 for my wife. The bike is perfect for her except the seat hight. Naturally I don't want to lower the bike - so - I'm looking for a seat that lowers the hight by 1 to 1.5".
I was not able to find anything on line. Does anybody know about an aftermarket seat???

:) Ernst
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I wouldn't mess with the forks or the shocks unless I *really* knew what I was doing.

Read the book Total Control - High Performance Street Riding Techniques by Lee Parks. He has a whole chapter dedicated to the geometry of the bike, and how the different aspects of the suspension (compression and rebound) affect handling and overall safety.

I wouldn't just go screwing with the preloading on the forks just to lower the bike, because this could have very bad consequences for the handling and safety of the bike.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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