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I purchased a 2000 Marauder recently that was not running right. Previous owner said this happened after HardKrome pipes were installed. I have determined that the CDI was defective and replaced it. I also installed a Dynojet stage 1 kit. I can't seem to get the carbs re-adjusted properly. The bike starts ok and runs but there is an imbalance between them. Using a mercury vacuum gauge I managed to get the mercury to equalize between them but upon opening the throtle the mercury raises to the top on the front (#2) carb and lowers on the rear (#1) carb. This produces a rough run condition. The idle is fine. The cable adjusters seem to have been monkeyed with as the factory white paint markers are broken loose on all the cable adjusters. Seems as though the previous owner has been trying to make adjustments after he installed the new pipes. I have downloaded a manual for this bike but the instructions and pictures are un-readable on the how to set the cables after carb has been removed. Can someone tell me how to re-set the cables so that synchronizations can be made properly? If not, does anyone have a better set of manual instructions and pictures that they are willing to copy and send to me? I know this is a loaded question but need help asap. Taking it to the shop will be my last resort because wait time is several weeks. Any good mechanics who want work should check in North Alabama area. There seems to be a shortage of them here. Thanks in advance.
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