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Hello All.

On February 23rd of 2008 I lost a friend of mine, Julio, to a fatal motorcycle crash.

We are putting together a Memorial Ride on the Saturday before the 1 year anniversary of that tragic day. I am not soliciting any money from anyone as we are not trying to raise money. Julio loved to ride and he loved to do so with lots of people. Most every ride we ever went on, a new person was invited and Julio always treated them with respect and integrity. The intent of this ride is to get as many friends and strangers to go out for a ride together. We will be starting in Chandler AZ in the early morning of the 21st of February. Then we will be making a stop at the scene of the accident. From there we will be heading up to the Roosevelt Dam. After the dam we will head back to Chandler to hang out at Churchill's Pub & Grill. Since the pub was Julio's favorite watering hole, I am working with them to put out some specials/deals for the attendees. We are also putting together some t-shirts that can be purchased on line and some of the deals may be tied to those t's.

As information comes together I am posting it on a quick site I threw up for this ride. I hope I don't violate any forum rules but here is the link to my site: Julio Memorial Ride.

Admin's, if by chance I am breaking a rule, please feel free to remove the link and I will throw this in, if the link is not in the paragraph above this, please check out my profile or shoot me a message and I will get the link to you.

Whether you ride a sport bike or a cruiser, I invite anyone who is interested in making new friends to come ride and hang out with a great bunch of people.

Thanks and again I apologize in advance for any violations I make have incurred. :)

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