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Some humor from my blog:

Midlife Motorcycle Madness

mid·life mo·tor·cy·cle mad·ness (mid'lif' mo'ter-si'kel mad'nis)

n. 1.The quality or condition of being middle-aged and insane about motorcycles.
2.An excessively intense enthusiasm for, interest in, or desire of; a motorcycle.
3.Psychiatry: A manifestation of midlife motorcycle mania disorder, characterized by profuse motorcycle riding and rapidly changing and or hoarding of accessories.
4.Enthusiasm or intense excitement for all things relating to motorcycles or riding.
5.Crazy about motorcycles; Motorcycle Addiction

M.M.M.: An abnormally elevated motorcycle state of awareness characterized by such symptoms as inappropriate chrome drooling, increased riding times, severe insomnia and/or sleeping with a motorcycle, grandiose notions of anything two wheel related, increased speeding and/or volume of accessories, disconnected by long trips, racing motorcycles, fear of cages, increased motorcycle desires, markedly increased energy and activity of bike cleaning level, poor judgment, and inappropriate social behavior.

A severe form of M.M.M that may require hospitalization is termed hypermotodysfuntion. M.M.M also features symptoms of depression ("agitated depression") when not riding. Sufferers may also exhibit severe concerns or inadequacy issues over horsepower, chrome, leather, cubic inches, and torque. Victims of M.M.M may also spend too much time surfing the Internet reading forums, articles and reviews of motorcycles.

See also: Two-Wheelpolar disorder, Hypermotodysfuntion, Motorcycle mania.

Midlife Motorcycle Madness® Dictionary of the Motorcycle Language & Dysfunctions, First Edition
Copyright © 2009 by John Ashford "Torch"
Published by Midlife Motorcycle Madness. All rights reserved.
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