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Missing FORUM member?

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Whatever happened to the young rider from South Africa? The one that raced an SUV and everyone razzed him about his horsepower.?

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But . . . it's a 3-day weekend (here in the US :p )!!
Here's to sharing something good (besides Pamela Anderson and Trish Stratus). 8)
Funny you should mention that.

I was going to start a thread of Canadaian Q&A but I figured it might get out of hand!

Do all of you speak french? I notice you all do very well with english . . . some better than the 'Mericans!
So some parts of the country speak french and others don't? What's the national language?

Is it true pot is legal up there? :twisted:
I know a guy that went hunting up there (bear). I don't talk to him anymore (he was a client) . . . did he have a problem getting a gun up there? I don't know if he took his own gun, or if he rented one.

[EDIT: More importantly . . . do y'all have Buttwiper and Schitz up there? What're the predominant beers? Not your personal favorites, but what are the biggest sellers?]
Louis said:
red7eb said:
Louis said:
This thread is turning for the worst.... :?

Don't they all?? :lol:

It now went to language spoken in Canada and now Pot. :roll:

Ain't the internet great :!:
Hey, I'm learnin' here!! Do ya' mind? :p
1 - 8 of 62 Posts
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