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G'day Folks,

let me explain what i mean by that cryptic title.

I've had my 2006 Roadliner for a loooooong time and I recall their being a sound on ignition on that is now missing.

Years ago when I turn the key I could hear some sound and now there is complete silence when I turn the key to ignition on position. The bike still starts as usual and runs fine but I am missing that sound.

Anybody knows what I am talking about and can you tell me what that sound is ??

I am guessing that its either the fuel pump priming or the EXUP system doing a system check. Which is it or is it neither ?

Also why is that missing sound not affecting anything on the bike, it still starts and runs fine ?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide

Ride Safe

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That might be an early sign that you need to have your hearing checked.
Totally serious with that suggestion.

Otherwise, don't worry about it.
All I would suggest is to check the fuel filter.......if there is an external one.
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