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Modification Suggestions for GSXR-750

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Hey guys, just bought a 2003 GSXR-750 and i need some good ideas about modifications. What ones i should do right away and what one i can hold off on. What kinda of exhaust systems are the best, what kinda of clutching, and jetting. let me know thanx.
P.S. im only wokring on performance cuz i use to race snomobiles, and now im trying motorcycles so im looking for performance tweaks as well, but if u have some good looking ideas for the cosmetics let me know thanx
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I got my cosmetic mods recently. You don't have to choose mine, but I will tell you how I found them. In this forum and at people post thier mod's to thier signature file. In the chat world we call it cyber lurking, because you draw information without actually posting. I listened to thier mod stories, and checked out thier parts and compared them with other peoples parts. You do that and you can send an email through the board to thier inbox to ask them specifics (if they like it and why). Also you can post to the board. That's my best guess.

I posted some of mine on here recently.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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