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Modification Suggestions for GSXR-750

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Hey guys, just bought a 2003 GSXR-750 and i need some good ideas about modifications. What ones i should do right away and what one i can hold off on. What kinda of exhaust systems are the best, what kinda of clutching, and jetting. let me know thanx.
P.S. im only wokring on performance cuz i use to race snomobiles, and now im trying motorcycles so im looking for performance tweaks as well, but if u have some good looking ideas for the cosmetics let me know thanx
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ChicagoGuy13 said:
what kind of exhaust should i be looking for? ive seen lots kinda confusing...whats all the difference between titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum, and full systems and just slip-ons???
slip-ons do nothing more than change the noise your ride makes. Full system exhausts will let you drop weight over OEM and you will make more power with a re-map (FI) or re-jet (carb). As far as titanium, carbon, and alum go....usually they are talking about the sleeve on the muffler. Its all up to you on how you want it to look. Try to find some dyno sheets of different exhaust systems and that should tell you some of what you are wanting to know. I'm running a yoshimura RS-3 right now and looking to get rid of it in favor of the Brock Gen 3. Different people will tell you different things, thats why there are so many choices
Wouldn't mind selling it to you aside from the fact that mine is for a 'busa. Not gonna fit up quite right to a 750 engine, sorry. I just have a yosh RS-3 race on right now, but there are others that weigh a bit less and make a lil' more hp so will be trading up soon.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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