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More good press for the C50.

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The latest issue of "Motorcycle Cruiser" has their 2005 buyer's guide. It's been out about a month, but I haven't seen anyone here talk about it. They say about the C50:

"Our favorite 800, the Volusia, is now the C50. The new version adds floorboards, and like the other Boulevard models it gets a multi-reflector headlight ... (and) a GSX-R derived fuel injection system with some of the C90's features and benefits. As with the other Boulevards, the 45-degree-offset crankshaft eliminates vibration without counterbalancers, one of the reasons for the C50's strong performance. Long and wide, it is quite roomy for an 800".

The C50 isn't just their favorite Suzuki 800; it's their favorite 800, PERIOD. I'm still partial to the S50, but the C50 is a sweet bike. They also have a picture of a "C50T" - loaded with a full windshield, studded passenger backrest, studded saddlebags, a studded seat, and white wall tires (list price $7,799). Very nice.
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i think the C50 is a great bike...for classic, yet modern, looks and all its options.

as i have mentioned before, i just prefer something a little more "muscle" styled...and cant wait for the M50 to come out.

glad to hear the Suz is their favorite me even better feeling buying a Boulevard line bike!
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