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More low torque and pull from a JR50--How?

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OK, my 5 year old raced for the first time this weekend and loved it! It was obvious that the PW riders were smokin' the JR riders off the line.

What can I do to give more low end pull and torque? I see a 33 tooth rear sprocket by Moose (M640-21-33) but cannot verify that it will fit. I also am considering a FMF spark arrestor (FMF 023039). Will this work?

Any other mods suggested without engine work? It's a 2004 under warranty and I cannot change the engine due to MX rules for the PW class.
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I said "he loved it!" He came in 8 out of 9 and could care less. He wanted to ride some more after we got home. After the second moto he rode up and asked if he could go around again--and then get his trophy! haha

At this point, the winning or losing isn't even in his mind. To him, if someone is behind him, he won. Lapping not included.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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