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More Saddlebag Pic's

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First two pic's are the Easy Brackets mounted to the Bags. It really makes it easy to install and remove these in a matter of seconds. 3rd and 4th pics are of the studs that they mount to. Last pic is just a side shot sorry about the glare.
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Willie and Max SaddleBags
maddawg067 said:
How good do those stay on?
What the bags or the brackets?
Either of them are on very well. The brackets will never come of the bike unless you have the key to unlock them. The bags are bolted to the brackets with 4- 3/8" bolts, The bags have a plastic liner in them that give them more support and make them solid to mount to. The bolts don't just go through the leather, they go through the leather and the liner inside the bag.
They are seperate from the bags, You can get them from for 150.00 or get them from for 127.00 I got them from oneida.
Note: some places don't have them listed to fit the 2005 C50, the 2004 Volusia is the same.
They should fit on any bag that is fairly flat on the back side. As the pictures show you can mount them anywhere on the bag. The way I fitted them was to mount the brackets on the bike then hold the bags where I wanted them and made some reference marks on the bags and took the brackets back off and set them in place and drilled the holes through the bags. Took about 15 minutes to mount them to the bags.
If they fit on the 04 Volusia they will fit on the 05 C50 who said they don't make them for the C50, the Easybracket people ? As far as the M50 you got me.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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