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For all of you who own an Android phone
and a motorcycle (just like we do :D) we have developed a free application
that lets you talk with your passanger or with other motorcyclists near you over
bluetooth. So free voice, and no wires! You can find the application on the
Android Market

Please fell free to use it and
give us feedback to further improve the application.

Here is a short
description of the application, the one that you will find on the android market
as well:

This application was specially designed for noisy environments,
such as motorcyclist or bicyclist groups, construction work teams or any other
context when two or more people, in close vicinity of each other, want to
communicate, but can't do it directly.


- Tete-a-Tete
- You can talk with a single person. The person may be your motorbike passenger,
a rally copilot, or even your pal/neighbor who lives just next door and with
whom you probably want to stay in touch.

- Group-Talk - You can talk to a
small group of mates at the same time sharing the same "channel" (similar to

- VAD (Voice Activity Detection) - If this feature is
enabled, the application will transmit data only when speech is

- Automatic Reconnect - You don't have to connect each time you
get near to your talk-mate. Once set up, the application will automatically
reconnect when your talk-mate will be in the Bluetooth range.

Speak-out-Loud - You can also use the application using your loudspeaker on your
phone. For example you can put a phone in a baby's room, and watch TV in
living-room, hearing exactly what your baby is


When running the application, you are
displayed a list of neighbor and/or paired devices and asked to select the
devices you want to communicate with. By pressing “Done”, you agree that the
selection phase has ended and that you want to proceed to communicating with the
selected devices. Note that in order to successfully connect to an
aforementioned device, you need it to select you as well (both devices need to
cooperate in the selection phase). When you have successfully connected to
another device, the status changes to “Connected”.

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