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Mounting sissy bar billet plates

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Purchaed the OEM Suzuki billet sideplates and low passenger backrest. When I took the first two bolts out of the left fender strut, it appears that the inside mounting nut of the front one slipped forward a bit and now I am unable to get the new (or old) bolt back in. :eek:crap:

Anyone else have this problem, and hopefully a solution?

Had to drive all over town to get a torque wrench that I could use on this only to find myself dead in the water.

Any suggestions appreciated, I have a daughter dying for a ride when I get the backrest on.
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When you mount the backrest did you use the aluminum spacers that came with it? I started to install the OEM backrest and mount set, but the mounts seem to be too far apart to install the backrest. At least a 1/2" gap on either side of the backrest, is this normal or am I doing something wrong. They are installed in this order, fender strut; spacer; billet plate;thin washer with bolt running through all.
Thanks in advance for any info, Don
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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