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MSF Class

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Greetings to all! I passed the beginners MSF class for PA yesterday! Great course and great timing. My insurance company threatened to drop me if I didn't get my class M by the 29th of this month. I got alot out of the course mostly a different mental outlook. A more aware mental outlook. Also some technique too. I expected to have developed some bad habits over the past year, and I did. All in all the best $5.00 I ever spent.
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Congratulations! I took the MSF course last year at the age of 40 in NJ. Best money I ever spent! Just got my first bike about a month ago and put the course to use everday navigating the streets of downown Chicago. MSF - It's not just for beginners on younger people. Not to mention that I believe it has made me a better driver on 4 wheels too!
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