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Can anyone help me; my hair is falling out over this one!
I’ve got a 1998 XVS 650 chop that just stopped working amonth ago. Rode it into the garage at night, next morning no spark….
So far I’ve stuck a new battery on it (reads 12.22 volts)
Tested the pick-up coil (199 at 2000 ohms)
Checked and cleaned every connector on the bike
Tried a substitute CDI unit from a 2002 model (bought from abreaker that guaranteed it worked)
And still nothing!
It turns over, the fuel pump and everything else electricalworks.
The leads going to the coils however only read 3 to 4.5volts on the rear and 0 to 2 volts on the front. Both coils LT circuits havecontinuity.
What am I missing? Any ideas?
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