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My First 125 Miles!!!! Does the gears clunk?

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It was a GREAT day Sunday!!! I managed to log my first 125 miles on my bike.
I noticed the gears have a distinct clunk when shifting. When I accelerate in first, pull in the clutch, then upshift there is this kinda winding sounding noise, then the later upshifts have a distinct clunk sound when upshifting. Is that normal for a Suzuki gear box? I am having no problems with the engagement, just wanna make sure that is normal so I don't tear something up. Any input would be great, Thanks!!
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Thanks,,, I appreciate it. I was hoping I didn't tear something up or was doing something wrong. That makes me feel alot better. Hopefully I will be able to log some more miles on it this week as well. :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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