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The rear tire on my '04 VL800 went AWOL on me yesterday. Fortunately, I was still in a parking lot when it happened. I rolled about 100 yards to a Firestone. They said they'd be happy to pump air into it for me, but couldn't help with the flat itself.

The air was leaking about as fast as it was pumped in. Seemed like the tube had burst. So obviously Fix-a-Flat won't work. All the local bike shops has closed for the holiday weekend, or were overbooked with business.

Here's my problem...

I've never pulled a tire off a bike. Certainly not one the size of the VL800. I know the owners manual shows the procedure, but they typically leave out something important. That, and my tools to do the job are lacking. Am I better off just getting a trailer and hauling it to a shop for repair?

Also, because I had to roll on the partially deflated tire, am I better off getting a new tire at this point?

Thanks for any help and advice you can give.
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