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My first ride on a Buel Blast

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I have over the years been asked to ride every bike my freinds have owned, like I am some expert or bike. Please. I have only passed up one bike, and that was because I did not feel ready to ride a full dressed Goldwing. I have though had the chance yesterday to ride a Buell Blast. The bike is not bad, but I could not ride it more and 20 min before my legs were sore. It rattles much harder than any bike I have ever rode, but does smooth out at highway speeds. The 500cc single as some kick but I guess I am just use to my Intruder. The only other bike I have rode that made my knees feel like they were going to pop out of joint was a Honda Ascott. Only in the Blasts ride you don't keep sliding into the tank, but you need to keep you knees over a foot appart, and the foot pegs are the same width. The mechanics place torche on you knees as you have to pivot your foot in. wile your knees are spead. The pressure on my knees was too much fo this rider. True I had disintergrated my right knee when I was in high school and it does bother me from time to time. I still think either moving pegs and controls forward, or a narrower tank would help.
I am most happy to back on my Intruder.
The moral of this story is test ride before you buy. Some bikes will work with your body strengths and weeknesses more than others. The bike should fit you, not you fit the bike.
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Buell Blast

I had the opportunity to rise the Buell Blast in the Riders Edge Class this weekend. This was my first ride on any type of motorcycle (except as a passenger). Of course I was nervous anyways, but I really did not like this bike! I thought it was very uncomfortable. I'm about 5'7 and just felt cramped on it. My legs are aching today! I ended up withdrawing from the class-not the bikes fault-but it wouldn't be my bike of choice!.
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