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My GSXR 1k

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well, here are a few shots of my baby... it's a work in progress, there is still much that is going to be done, but lemme know what ya think.

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thanks guys, i just got that paint on there, it hasnt even been wet sanded or buffed yet (that should change as of this weekend) then next week I am getting the frame and swingarm polished, so I will make sure to have some new pics up then.

I just put on chrome levers and chrome skull grips 2 days ago, but right now i'm kinda pissed because i was going down the highway, coming up to a light, i go to stop, and lo and behold, i DO NOT HAVE A BRAKE LEVER!!! i almost creamed the rear end of a truck in front of me, i had to lay into my rear brake, causing me to start sliding, i slid right in between the 2 vehicles in front of me and finally got the bike still...

so right now i have a chrome clutch lever, and a stock brake lever held on by a damn nut and bolt that hardly fits... :(
thanks, a few other little thing i plan on doing include:

new exhaust (yoshi, full system)
new triple tree and clip-ons (vortex)
chome windscreen
polished aluminum plate to go where that "gap" is on my gas tank...
some kind of air brush design... not sure exactly what yet
either chrome or polished rims...
well, as for the security guard, at work, i actually park it on the side walk in front of the security station. high security :)

i dont think ill be doing white rims... im going to stick with the chrome/polished and red look
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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