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My little baby wont start!

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I have a 250cc Bandit its my fist bike and i have a bit of a problem

It wont start

I left my bike inside standing for 6 months and discontected the battery when i came back the battery was obviously flat. Being silly I jump started from a 12 volt battery and left it to run and charge the battery for a few mins and it started. Ran it around for 4 or 5 miles stopped and started ok first attempts. But then suddenly died on me :( no power at all, lights gone nothing. I managed to get it to a garage and they charged the battery again for 1 1/2 hours on a 6v charger then it started ok again. I got it back home and tryed it later but the battery was gone again. I went out and bought my self a new charger, I connected the charger directly to the battery but there was no sign of any charge going into the battery on the amp meter.

:( :( :( :(

Have i cocked up my battery? and/or could i have done other damage? :?:

Thank you


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We had one go bad at the track Monday. Batt was less than a year old! It wasn't run that much though, and it just went bad from disuse. M/C batteries are junk if you do not maintain a consistent charge on them. I guess I will be adding that to the list of spares this year.

I have had others last 3 or four years with continuous use however.

- Nut
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