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my piece of junk

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i hope that got youre attention,
well this is my gs650e, it looks like hell. back in the days it was a bike you never saw,
he has been down for about 13 years now, so i got it out of the yard..
i hope i can make it work again, top speed was 240..13 years ago 8)

any comments?
sorry for english
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Uncle Bob said:
Welcome to the site.

Looks like it's going to be a lot of work, are you sure it's worth it ?.
i aint got anithin better to do :roll:
it will be fun, the summer is coming so 8)
RowdyRed94 said:
totalyboard said:
top speed was 240..13 years ago 8)

any comments?
sorry for english
Your English is better than many Americans around here. As for the bike, is that 240kph? I sure hope so, because as I understand it, you'd need about 300 hp to get to 240mph.

Welcome aboard.
acually, the bike was from the dad of my friend, he said he used it on parcours also. so i think it will only be 240 kilometres(not miles..) per hour
fast enough for now
I'm only used to drive around with 50cc-125cc :roll:
so it will be an experience.
if i have problems with it, (because it still doesnt work) , are there here some people who really know a suzuki?
i guess so

and thanks for my english :wink:
the motorblock is loose, fresh oil
but battery to flat and broke for starter..
tank needs te be clained allso
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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