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Just figured I'd share the setup that I've found works best for me. My requirements:

- play music from my cell
- reasonable total price
- no wires tethering me to the bike
- easy music control while riding

I don't need to hear my GPSr. I also don't use or need bike to bike or operator to passenger comms. If you need these my solution probably won't be optimal for you.

Bluetooth source: phone, IPOD, Mp3 player - needs to be bluetooth capable. Can purchase a BT dongle to make players BT.

Headphones: Whichever ones you prefer. My favorites are Koss Sparkplugs and Etymotic Reserach ER6i isolator earphones (black).

Bluetooth receiver: Motorola S705 SoundPilot. This can be had for $30 all over the web. Plays the music and allows you to take make calls also. While calls aren't very practical on the bike, I use this little gem at home and work also. Home use mostly for Skype and work use for music and calls. While riding I have it clipped to my right elbow strap. One cool thing is that when off the bike with helmet still on (gas stop or whatever) you can take and make calls since you have the headphones on. I get around 8 hours of play time on a charge.

I'm happy with this setup. It's flexible and reasonably priced. Been using it for two months now.

One concern of mine was music control while riding. I didn't want to be looking down or over at the receiver to change songs or volume. I saw this firsthand when riding with a friend one day. We'd be sitting at a light, it would turn green and he's dicking around with his MP3 player. Not long really but long enough to piss me off and feel like I'm at risk sitting at a green light with people anticipating my movement. After a few times of this I told him to leave the damned thing alone or I was out. My personal solution was to mount my phone in a RAM Aquabox on the left side of my handlebars. That way the player is near the hand that will be controlling it and in front of me so I will not be looking away from my general direction of travel.
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