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Nasty Weather!

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Well, I chose to stay in Washington State after my retirement from the Navy for a number of reasons, all very well thought out.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I brought the C50T home. I still have less than 100 miles on it :x

This lousy Washington gloom is making me blue. Normally you just go about your day and do what you need to do, even in the rain. I would imagine some day I may become a rainy day rider, but not until I am much more proficient!

Ah well, summer will be here soon, and contrary to popular belief, it does actually last longer than just two weeks up here in the great PNW.

Sorry, just had to vent somewhere.....LOL

Rich J
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Judging by the weather I experienced there last week, you just need to invest in a good rain suit. I left Seatac around noon Sunday, spent the next 3.5 days bouncing back and forth between Seattle, West Seattle, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Tacoma and Renton. It was never warm enough (to my Southern blood) to think a rainsuit might have been a bit uncomfortable, especially with the lack of humidity. But since it rained every effin' day I was there, at least 5 times and usually for only about 5 or 10 minutes each time, looks to me like you either deal with it or give up riding - so deal with it :)
Don't know about the Stearns set, but you can get riding designed rain gear for not much more, and sometimes less. For the something-teenth time, I'm honestly not getting a kickback from them, but Newenough Leathers - good products, good prices, and just really decent people to deal with. Look here: - they've got some First Gear and Nelson Rigg rain gear for about the same as the Stearns set.

I was in Seattle on business - the Wa. state department of vocational rehabilitation decided back in '03 that all facilities doing business with that branch had to have a nationally recognized accreditation, and gave them until this year to start getting it. I happen to sideline as one of the surveyors for the national accrediting body they chose. The organization I was surveying has operations in all those places I mentioned. Ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton was fun - I noticed right off that motorcycles are given preference in loading and unloading, and I quickly came to the conclusion that if I lived there I'd be riding to work every single day :) IBeautiful part of the country you live in, even if it does rain every day :)

btw - is Hwy 5 always slicker than cat sh!t on linoleum when it rains, or was it just me?
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