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Nasty Weather!

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Well, I chose to stay in Washington State after my retirement from the Navy for a number of reasons, all very well thought out.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I brought the C50T home. I still have less than 100 miles on it :x

This lousy Washington gloom is making me blue. Normally you just go about your day and do what you need to do, even in the rain. I would imagine some day I may become a rainy day rider, but not until I am much more proficient!

Ah well, summer will be here soon, and contrary to popular belief, it does actually last longer than just two weeks up here in the great PNW.

Sorry, just had to vent somewhere.....LOL

Rich J
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Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

Gixxerdale said:
Wow! A new rider with PMS! Parked Motorcycle Syndrome! Hang in there! It will pass soon.
PMS! I like it! Going to breakfast with a rider buddy. But it looks like a cage day. :neutral:

I can't wait for that trip to San Diego next year :smile:

Rich J
Raingear in Washington

c50tiger said:
bouncing back and forth between Seattle, West Seattle, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Tacoma and Renton It was never warm enough (to my Southern blood) to think a rainsuit might have been a bit uncomfortable, minutes each time, looks to me like you either deal with it or give up riding - so deal with it :)
Bremerton huh? That is only about 15 miles from Seabeck where I live. I drive to Bremerton to work everyday. What brought you to this neck of the woods???

Well, I've lived here nearly 20 years now. I know to deal with. But just became a rider again after many years and just want to ride. I needed to vent.....

I definitely need to invest in a good set of raingear. They had a Stearns set at COSTCO for about $50, if I recall correctly. Anyone have any experience with that set? Should I spend more and get a nice set made for riding?

Rich J
Okay, I give....

Well, I can quit whining now :mrgreen:

After lunch the clouds blew away and the sun dried everything up!

I hit the road shortly after that. Got about 50 miles on her this afternoon.

I rode over past Tahuya Lake and through the Tahuya State forest. Any dirt bike riders around here know that is one of the best off road riding places in Washington state.

Back up through Silverdale and around the loop along the Hood Canal. It really turned into a beautiful afternoon.

When I pulled back in the driveway the wife was out doing yardwork! "It's about time you came back" she said! LMAO I should have went for 100 miles!!

Rich J
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St0nkingByte said:
I ride everyday in the Seattle area. Textiles, full face helmets & Nikwax are your friend. Sure it rains alot but how often does it really downpour? OK alot this week ;)
Now that is some good rain gear info there. I can't ride to work until I take the MSF and get the proper pass. I work for Uncle Sam at the Naval Shipyard in Bremerton.

I've been checking the two piece suits. Like all you said above, it seems the best way to go.

Thanks for the input...

Rich J
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