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need advice

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I am saving up for a motorcycle and i really like the suzuki telefonicas. is this a good dependable bike or not? or should i get something older and smaller to start off with? i ride dirtbikes a lot so i have a little skill. any advice would be appreciated
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Newbies should stick to bikes with less than 60 hp to start.

Most riders here would agree with this, those that don't agree have a right to their erroneous opinions. But please don't take having owned a gixxer for a week or two without incident as proof that it's a good idea.
Problem is not so much the power but more the power delivery. GSX-R's are actual racebikes with twitchy controls and sensitive brakes.

New riders make mistakes that's a given, a Gixxer will only compound those mistakes. Too much throtle could lead to an involontary wheelie ( seen that a couple of times, squid wants to show off at a light, next thing you know he's sitting on the ground and his bike is going down the road on it's back wheel), squid comes into a corner too fast brakes to slow down and locks up either front or rear wheel leading to a premature dismount.Shifting to the wrong gear will also seriously upset the bikes handling, downshifting and engine braking can easily throw a rider off balance.

Now starting on a 120hp bike does not garantee that you will drop it ( you probably will ) does not garantee that you will crash ( you probably will, about a one in four chance ) does not garantee that you will hurt yourself ( you probably wil, about a one in height chance ) does not garanty that you will kill yourself ( about a one in twelve chance according to statistics ).

Now if you feel that those statistics are in your favor because you were born with above average natural ability and think you are invincible then go right ahead.

If on the other hand you are starting a riding "career" and plan on riding a long time then start off on something with 60hp or less for the first year or two then you can consider getting any bike you want.

On a side note it's interesting to see that there seems to be two distinct age groups on this site, let's just define them as below 35 and above 35. The "older" members seem as a general rule to be more conservative and safety conscious, now does that mean that we are that way because we are older or did we make it to our ages because we were more safety conscious.

I've buried riders, I've administered first aid to riders, I've seen riders lose limbs, I've seen plenty of riders leave riding because it's "dangerous" after doing something stupid and having a close call ( hey it must be riding that's dangerous because they were "above average riders"sic).

Some of you may disagree with me but this is my opinion based on years of riding, statistics and just plain common sense.
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Most of my stats come from the NHTS a division of DOT along with some info from Canadian sources.
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