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need advice

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I am saving up for a motorcycle and i really like the suzuki telefonicas. is this a good dependable bike or not? or should i get something older and smaller to start off with? i ride dirtbikes a lot so i have a little skill. any advice would be appreciated
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Before it all happens I will tell you that a lot of people will not agree with your choice of bike.

A telefonica is a 600 gixer,it is more than you will be able to use,if you have had your nerve endings removed and think you will ride everywhere at warp speed then this IS'NT the bike for you,but if you have really good self control and will take it easy for a while,months/years not days/weeks,then this is a good bike.They are reliable,and they look great.

I personally started with a gixer 600 as my first bike,but it took me a winter of riding in all weathers to get to know and respect it,now a year on,its great.

Good luck,
Stevie :D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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