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need advice

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I am saving up for a motorcycle and i really like the suzuki telefonicas. is this a good dependable bike or not? or should i get something older and smaller to start off with? i ride dirtbikes a lot so i have a little skill. any advice would be appreciated
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Most newbies get itnto trouble when they go searching for that rush of adrenaline from the acceleration or over all speed. A high performance bike is no place to start. It's knowing the limits of your own skills and how to manage the bike once you commit to opening that throttle. As an example, some newbies consider my bike as a first bike! BAD idea.
0 to 60 = 2.8 seconds
0 to 100 = 5 seconds
Quarter mile = 9.75 seconds at 148 MPH
It's a death warrant if you lack self control and some practical experience.
Nice post Bob. I'm in the "Senior" bracket at 48. Can't agree with your comments more. Just hope the others think about it too. I did it the hard way like a lot of others, but maybe a few newbies can learn from our mistakes.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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