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need advice

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I am saving up for a motorcycle and i really like the suzuki telefonicas. is this a good dependable bike or not? or should i get something older and smaller to start off with? i ride dirtbikes a lot so i have a little skill. any advice would be appreciated
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Now i'm only 26 which puts me in the [below 35] category, but i still know that if you want to continue riding you have to be a bit sensible when on the road, after all you can't ride a bike with a broken leg in plaster cause you fell off while wheelieing off the lights.
I just feel aggrieved that a 17 year old with 1 weeks riding experience can give advice that a gsxr600 is a fantastic starter bike! Having said that it's the insurers fault for indulging these people in boyhood fantasies of starting on race bikes.
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